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Decline to Sign the Pro-Abortion Petition

Signature-gatherers employed by Advanced Micro Targeting (AMT) have been charged with elections fraud, signature forgery, and accused of committing multiple felonies in states across the country.

AMT is active in Missouri, employing paid, out-of-state petition-gatherers to put an extreme abortion amendment on the ballot.
Missouri Right to Life has received countless reports of these canvassers lying and misleading people about the truth of the amendment.

Do not trust the signature-gatherers. They want your signature.  They want your address.

Protect your private information and your conscience.

Decline to sign.

The pro-abortion amendment language was written by the national abortion industry to be filled with loopholes to allow for unrestricted and unregulated abortion access. This is the same pattern they have followed in other states.

This amendment will:

  • Eliminate parental consent laws, allowing abortions to be performed on minors without notice or consent of their guardians.
  • Remove health and safety standards for abortion clinics. Women will even lose the ability to sue for abortion malpractice.
  • Allow late-term dismemberment abortions until birth.
  • Permit taxpayer-funded abortions.

Abortion is the intentional taking of innocent unborn human life by violent means. The unborn are the most vulnerable living human beings – and they have the right to life. It is never okay to kill a child at any state of development.

Missouri has prohibited abortion in our state for years. We cannot allow the deception of the national abortion industry to reverse the life-saving protections we cherish for unborn Missourians.

If you have been deceived by a petition-gatherer or regret your decision to sign the abortion petition, there is a way to remove your name.
(per RSMO 116.110)

  1. Create a Sworn Statement: Draft a written statement that includes the following information:
    • The name of the petition you signed
    • The name you used when signing the petition
    • Your address
    • Your county of residence

Sample Statement:

Name Used When Signing Petition

Dear Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft,
Please remove my name immediately from the Constitutional Amendment to Article I, Relating to Reproductive Health Care, version 10 (2024-086), also known as “The Right to Reproductive Freedom Initiative.” I reside in __________ County. I regret signing my name to this petition.


  1. Swear Under Oath: The statement must be sworn under oath. You can do this by visiting a notary public.

  2. Submit to the Secretary of State: Send the sworn statement to the Missouri Secretary of State. You can mail it or deliver it in person. Include your contact information so they can verify your identity.

Send/Deliver to:              
Missouri Secretary of State
600 West Main Street
Jefferson City, MO 65101

  1. Timing: You must submit the withdrawal before the petition is filed with the SOS. Once the petition is filed, your signature cannot be removed.

Please let us know if you request your signature be removed: 573-635-5110 or righttolife@missourilife.org. If you have questions or need further assistance, reach out to the Secretary of State’s office directly: 573-751-4936 or info@sos.mo.gov.


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