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About the MRL
PAC Committees

About the MRL PAC Committees

The Missouri Right to Life State Political Action Committee and the Missouri Right to Life Federal Political Action Committee are arms of the Missouri Right to Life parent organization.  They exist for the purpose of identifying and supporting pro-life political candidates and opposing pro-abortion candidates in state level elections. They also work to support pro-life ballot measures or oppose anti-life ballot measures. On rare instances, the MRL State PAC may get involved in municipal or county candidate elections or ballot measures.

The MRL Federal PAC is a “separate segregated fund” of MRL pursuant to federal election law. The MRL State PAC is a “continuing [political] committee” under Missouri election law. The ultimate control of the MRL PACs lies with the state board of directors, but both tax law and election law dictates the work and money of the MRL PACs must be maintained separately from the work and money of MRL. (One major exception: MRL may pay for administrative and clerical costs of the PACs.) In turn, that means a chapter does not do PAC work and cannot sponsor political ads. Members of MRL do PAC work, of course–it is strongly encouraged!–but when members perform PAC activities, they are PAC volunteers and are not working for the chapter or region.

The Federal and State PACs are managed by one board.  The President of MRL selects the PAC chair. The nine Congressional District coordinators who serve on the PAC board are selected by a nominating committee and approved by the state board of directors. The state board has delegated to the PAC board the functions of surveying candidates and making endorsements when appropriate.

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