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Missouri Right to Life Political Action Committees Endorsement Criteria

As the oldest and largest grassroots, single-issue pro-life organization in the state, Missouri Right to Life, through its Political Action Committees (MRL PAC), strives to elect pro-life candidates at the state and the federal levels. By endorsing candidates who meet specific criteria and by rating all candidates,  MRL PAC provides the most comprehensive guidance to the pro-life voters of Missouri on which candidates would best advance the cause of life.  

MRL PAC endorsements are non-partisan and are based on the following guidelines:

  • Pro-life Survey - A candidate must complete an MRL PAC or National Right to Life PAC survey verifying their pro-life position on abortion, euthanasia, human cloning, embryonic stem cell research, and other issues that fall under the purview of MRL.

  • Voting record - When a candidate has held office, whether running for the same seat or a different seat, MRL PAC considers up to a four-year voting record to determine a candidate’s eligibility for endorsement. The percentage of pro-life votes required for endorsement is determined by MRL PAC and takes into consideration not only the candidate’s votes, but also the degree of involvement in advancing pro-life legislation and the importance of specific votes.    

However, a vote on particularly egregious legislation can disqualify a candidate from endorsement in spite of an otherwise acceptable voting record. Such was the case for candidates who voted for the Missouri Science Innovation & Reinvestment Act (MOSIRA) without protective language during the 2011 special session of the General Assembly. 

  • Interviews - In some races, members of MRL PAC may conduct a personal interview with a candidate. 

MRL PAC will also consider a candidate’s history of pro-life activism, public statements, and input from MRL members in a candidate’s district. 

The PAC believes that an incumbent with a pro-life record running for re-election deserves a single endorsement.  In races with no pro-life incumbent and where all candidates meet MRL PAC endorsement criteria, MRL PAC will do multiple endorsements.     

In a race with two or more pro-life candidates and one or more viable anti-life candidates, or viable candidates whose position is unknown, MRL PAC will likely endorse a single candidate in hopes of avoiding a split in the pro-life vote. MRL PAC also considers the political realities and circumstances of each race.

MRL PAC reserves the right to withdraw an endorsement should there be reason to believe a candidate has been untruthful or has changed a position on life issues. Additionally, MRL PAC believes in giving candidates opportunities to advance the cause of life if they have moved from a less pro-life position to a stronger one.

Primary endorsements made by MRL PAC do not necessarily roll over to General Election races.

MRL PAC will release General Election endorsements following the Primary Election.



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