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Tuesday, August 8

For Anyone Living in House District 50 and Senate District 28

Missouri Right to Life State PAC has endorsed:


Single Endorsement of Sara Walsh in House District 50 -- Sara is the only candidate endorsed by Missouri Right to Life State PAC in HD 50. Sara's opponent is pro-abortion!

Sara Walsh has been heavily involved with Missouri Right to Life for more than a decade. This clearly illustrates her unwavering dedication to the pro-life cause, and we have no doubt that she will fight tirelessly for the lives of the unborn. Sara is also very informed on all the life issues, and will be a knowledgeable person to have in the Missouri state legislature as well. 

When it comes to life, compromising is not an option, and Sara has proven herself to be a staunch fighter with deeply held, pro-life convictions. With Sara in the House, we will be one step closer to winning the fight on abortion. 
We fight a constant battle in the legislature against pro-abortion forces that want abortion on demand for any reason, at any point in the pregnancy. Sara's opponent, Michaela Skelton, is such a person. She is endorsed by both Planned Parenthood and NARAL, and we all know they only endorse people who align 100% with their ideology. 

Missouri is a pro-life state, and we don't need Planned Parenthood, or Michaela Skelton. Vote Sara this August 8th! 


Single Endorsement of Sandy Crawford in Senate District 28 -- Sandy is the only candidate endorsed by Missouri Right to Life State PAC in SD 28. Sandy's opponent did not return the pro-life survey!

Sandy Crawford is the state representative for the 129th district of Missouri, and she has been serving Dallas and Laclede counties since November 2010. Sandy is a devoted ally in the fight to protect the unborn, as she has stood with Missouri Right to Life on every pro-life issue. 

MRL is very blessed to have had Sandy in the Missouri legislature for the past seven years, and she has played many critical roles in getting life-saving legislation passed. 

MRL PAC is honored to endorse Sandy in her 2018 Missouri senate run. Missouri is a pro-life state, and we owe it to Missourians to maintain our pro-life super-majority. Sandy is not one to back down from a fight or cut deals with her pro-abortion opponents. We have no doubt that innocent life will always be protected under Sandy's watch in the Missouri Senate.. 



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