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October 28, 2016

After seven months of trying, Missouri Right to Life was finally able to obtain a completed survey and meet with Mr. Eric Greitens. After a lengthy meeting with MRL PAC members, and with no hard evidence to the contrary, MRL is changing a “Mixed” rating to “Pro-Life” for Mr. Greitens.

The effect of the late timing deserves explanation. After sending several surveys in every kind of medium to the Greitens campaign and requesting a meeting with Mr. Greitens, starting 7 months ago, a completed survey was finally received on September 12, 2016.  While the survey responses were good for the most part, a couple of answers necessitated discussion. MRL PAC continued to pursue a meeting with Mr. Greitens. Having been unable to secure a meeting before MRL’s deadline for submitting its endorsement newsletter, MRL PAC included in its newsletter a “Mixed” rating for Mr. Greitens. Mr. Greitens met with MRL PAC members on October 7, 2016, 4 weeks before the general election. Based upon that meeting, MRL PAC is revising Mr. Greitens’ rating to ”Pro-Life.” In order to guarantee delivery in all parts of the state in time for the election, the MRL general election newsletter had to be mailed to member’s homes prior to the Board’s decision to rate Mr. Greitens “Pro-Life” and reflects the “Mixed” rating.

We hope this explains any confusion that might arise from the two ratings of Mr. Greitens. This is not a situation created by MRL PAC.  If you have questions, feel free to contact MRL’s State Office.

MRL PAC has also received a good survey from Lester Turilli, Jr., independent candidate for Governor, and has rated him “Pro-Life.”

MRL PAC has endorsed no candidate in the Missouri Governor’s race.



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